What is a casino without a Swedish gaming license?

A casino without a Swedish gaming license is a casino that does not have a Swedish gaming license. Thus, these operators do not have a license issued by the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate. Some operators are in the application stage or their applications for a Swedish license have been rejected. Casinos without a Swedish license are licensed by another licensor: for example, the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) or Curacao. What makes them gaming sites, we call casinos without a license. Here at casino utan svensk licens med trustly you will learn all about foreign casinos.The Best Online Casino Bonus Websites - Met On Web

After the January 1, 2019 change, there are casinos in the Swedish gaming market with a Swedish license that have thus applied for and received a license from the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate. In addition, there are casinos outside of Sweden that thus do not have a Swedish license and therefore cannot sell themselves against Swedish players - they are called casinos without a Swedish license. Another name for casinos without Spelpaus.

Playing at a casino without a license
Advantages for players at casinos without a license
There are Swedish players who prefer to explore and play at casinos outside of Sweden and Spelpaus. This may be due to the fact that these players, for example, used Spelpaus and are therefore completely disengaged from gambling in Sweden. We believe that everyone can make their own choice and can also see what the advantages and disadvantages are for casinos without a license.

Playing at a casino without a gaming license from Sweden does not necessarily mean a bad gaming experience. Most of these sites strictly adhere to the restrictions applicable to the gaming license they have, as otherwise they risk losing their gaming license.

The Malta Gaming Authority is one of the safest and most popular gambling licenses used outside of Sweden. Thanks to the MGA license, you can, among other things, play casino utan svensk licens med trustly.

Ac Curacao eGaming is also a common gaming license for online casinos without a Swedish license. One thing you need to know about the Curacao license, however, is that it can be tricky with deposits and withdrawals.

It is not illegal to play at a casino without a Swedish gaming license.
Operators who do not have a valid Swedish license are not allowed to sell themselves against Swedish players. In order for operators to legally enter the Swedish gaming market, they must have a Swedish license. It is the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate that grants or denies the license application, and it is important to follow all the regulations and rules.

However, it is not illegal for players to choose a casino without a license. You have your hands free to choose any casino you want. It is not illegal or criminal for you as a player to play in a casino without a Swedish license.

What is the difference between a casino with and without a license?

The biggest difference is that casinos with a Swedish license have a number of features designed to prevent gambling addiction. New casinos with a Swedish license also do not have to pay tax.

All Swedish licensed casinos have:

  • The three-second rule for slot machines.
  • No loyalty programs, as they are considered to encourage gambling.
  • A game interruption feature that allows you to turn off all Swedish games with a few keystrokes.
  • A maximum of one bonus, which is played on the first game. A single bonus cannot be worth more than SEK 100.
  • A requirement that players cannot deposit or lose more than SEK 5,000 per week.
  • Self-check, where you can check your gambling habits.
  • BankID, as an integral part of the casino. You can use this method to register, log in, confirm payments and verify your account.
  • Good consumer protection.
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