Way of combating baldness

Many are faced with problems such as baldness, hair lone, fat roots and dry, sequencing tips.
If you encounter such a problem as a strong hair loss (above the loss rate, i.e. more than 50-125 hair per day), this can help the stimulating growth of hair mask, which can easily be done at home.
This mask is a very effective means of combating baldness and its prevention, as it contains onions and honey. Onions improve blood circulation, thereby stimulates hair growth, and honey contains the necessary nutrients. It is easy to use and economically very advantageous that does not require any investments. The minus of this mask is that the smell of the bow is very steady and remains for a long time.
Effective leek hair mask with honey
Before using the mask, it is necessary to check the body's reaction to allergies. Apply a slightly mixture into the place of folding the elbow and wait a few minutes. If red rashes or a burning sensation appeared, the mask is better not to use.
Mask composition:
Luksa Kashitsa (for its preparation, a small onion-row head is crushed with a shallow grater, meat grinders or blender);
1 spoon of honey (to warm up a bit for obtaining a gravity consistency);
1 teaspoon mustard
All mix and leave for 15 minutes so that the mixture is fed.
Before applying the therapeutic mask, wash your head with shampoo, then apply the resulting mass on the skin of the head, slightly rub the composition in the roots of the hair, wrap the film and a towel to maintain the thermal effect. To withstand 45 minutes, then rinse your head thoroughly. To eliminate the smell of onion when rinking into the water, add juice of one lemon or a spoonful of citric acid.
To secure the result, the procedure must be carried out at least 2-3 times a week throughout the crescent.
The result is a reduction in the amount of hair lungs to a minimum, the revival of "sleeping" bulbs, the growth of smooth shiny hair. The effect of applying a mask is preserved for more than two years.
Also, you should not forget about food: products such as vegetables, meat (beef), liver, fish, dairy products, nuts, greens, eggs are very important for hair. You can use the services of pharmacies and purchase dietial supplies that cont

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