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Multiplayer game: how to visit and invite friends

Multiplayer mode is an interesting addition that can revive the game. Thanks to the online regime, you can meet up to seven friends on one island at the same time.

As part of a multiplayer game, you can visit other players on their islands and invite them to your world. There is also a variant of the local game.

Note. For a multiplayer game requires a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. The cost of the service is 16 for 1 month, 32 for 3 months or 80 per year.

The game has three types of multiplayer:

Party Play - local multiplayer game on one console

Inviting others to your island - allows others to join your world from another SWITCH console.

A visit to others on their islands - allows you to visit the worlds of other players, having fun at other SWITCH consoles.

To play the network requires a wireless connection to the network and, as we have already mentioned, membership in Nintendo Switch Online.

You can invite to your island to seven players at the same time - this means that the maximum number of players is 8.

You can communicate with guests using a mobile application called "Nintendo Switch Online". Load it, turn on and select Tile. Follow the instructions for configuring the NOKLINK messenger. With it, you can communicate with the players and write them - although it is not necessary.

Use Nooklink for voice and text communication

Party Play mode allows you to play with other people on the same Nintendo Switch console. This, of course, requires the appropriate number of controllers - for each person.

At the same island, up to eight people can live at the same time, while the Party Play simultaneously play four people - this is half of the population.

To use Local Play, you and your friend or friend should use the same wireless network. So this is a good option when friends came to you or you are going to see them (in fact).

Network multiplayer - invite and visit

If you want to invite players to your island or go on someone else's island, you need to contact the Dodo Airlines travel agency, located in the south of the island. The airport is open 24 hours a day, but only on the second day after the start of your adventure.

Once in the building, talk to Dodo Orville. During the conversation, you can choose whether you want someone to invite or go there. For your company online lead generation tools is at your request, inexpensive.
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