Laminate flooring and its care: practical tips and recommendations

Today, laminate is perhaps the most common floor covering that fits perfectly into almost any interior. Laminate is a material characterized by its good strength, capable of withstanding the fall of even relatively heavy objects, while its surface is preserved - cracks do not appear on it. It resists the impact of abrasive particles in the hallway for quite a long time and does not wear off.After the repair to replace the flooring, almost everyone is wondering how to properly clean the laminate floor, while not damaging its surface, and prolong its service life as much as possible.Laminate care Remember that the laminated board is produced from waste obtained during production at woodworking enterprises. The raw material is crushed sawdust. It contains special resins that impregnate all the plates.A front paper layer with a texture that repeats the pattern of various types of wood is applied on top of the plates. At the end of the production process, the plates are coated with a special heavy-duty varnish, which is also characterized by its great resistance to moisture. And from below the laminate is covered with a waterproof film.Excessive water harms the laminate, we want to cite further some important rules that cannot be neglected and thanks to which this flooring will last a long time:- Wet cleaning should be done only with warm water.- Be sure to wipe the laminate dry after wet cleaning.- In no case should detergents containing abrasive substances be used.- Never use household chemicals for this floor covering, which includes strong alkalis and acids that can corrode the varnish covering the laminate.- It is absolutely impossible to use metal brushes and nets to remove stains.- Do not polish the laminate and cover it with wax, otherwise you will achieve even more sliding and injury hazard of its glossy surface.- Treat the choice of detergents with great responsibility.It is important to remember! Laminate flooring is afraid of water, so it should be remembered that the floor may swell when using a large amount of water during cleaning, besides, locking locks may disperse.To avoid this, we recommend wet cleaning of the laminate flooring no more than twice a week. At the same time, it is necessary to use a soft cloth, which will be thoroughly wrung out from the water. We recommend adding special detergents suitable for laminate to the water - they are able to remove grease stains well from a smooth laminate surface and, moreover, will not leave streaks after drying.It should be noted that the strength and resistance to external factors of laminate directly depend on its class - the higher the class, the higher its performance. It is necessary to take care of the 33rd class of laminate in almost the same way as for the coating having a lower class. Cleaning is either ordinary or complicated.The first option is to remove dust and small dirt with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth.It's important to know! Cleaning of the laminate of the 32nd class should be carried out without the use of abundant wetting. This class of laminate coating is very susceptible to water compared to the more moisture-resistant 33rd class.For wet cleaning of laminate flooring, we recommend using mops with special various nozzles. On such tools there are peculiar devices that allow you to squeeze out water efficiently. Microfiber cloth in this mop will not leave streaks, but you should often change the water in the bucket.The front surface of the laminated board is characterized by the fact that it does not absorb dirt and dust, therefore it is enough just to thoroughly vacuum the floor for cleaning. The big advantage of laminate is its antistatic properties, so dust is not attracted to its surface. In addition, unlike carpet coverings, bacteria do not multiply on laminate.Complex care of laminate flooring is usually not required, but if some dye has been spilled on the coating (for example, ink, nail polish or children have painted the floor with felt-tip pens), then in this case you cannot avoid a difficult "cleaning". Moreover, we recommend using an acetone-based household solvent.In order to remove complex stains, you need to moisten a soft (non-synthetic) fabric with a solvent and apply it to the stain. After about a couple of minutes, you need to wipe this place with a cloth, the stain should disappear.It also happens that in a room where there is an armchair or a coffee table on plastic colossi, stripes of the same color as plastic may remain on the floor. Do not worry about this - plastic wheels will not damage the laminate surface. These traces can be removed with a sponge and soap solution.Remember that after cleaning, you always need to wipe the floor dry. Nail polish can be removed from the laminate surface using washing powder and a sponge or nail polish remover.We take care of parquet and cork flooring If the flooring in the room is parquet, then caring for it will be different from caring for laminate flooring. First of all, this is due to the fact that the laminate has a durable lacquer coating that does not require additional polishing.And parquet varnish is characterized by its vulnerability to scratches, so its surface periodically needs to be polished with special compositions. By the way, an electric grinder can also be used for polishing.It is not difficult to take care of cork floors: cork is moisture resistant, but, of course, it is impossible to fill the floors with water. You can use conventional or washing vacuum cleaners - for cleaning, as well as any detergents that do not include abrasive additives and aggressive solvents - for washing. We advise you to exclude the same metal scrapers and brushes, so as not to damage the surface of the cork.And it is better to buy a special mop for the care of wooden coverings such as laminate, parquet or cork.In order to avoid damage to the cork floor from the furniture, we recommend sticking a kind of felt or cork lining on the legs. It is not allowed to use latex-based mats for cork floors. This material will leave traces on the cork surface that will be difficult to remove in the future.Remember! To wash the laminate, you need to use a soft cloth and forget about hard washcloths. Buy cenforce 100 mg online.
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