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In fact, every modern person often faces at least one type of stapler. Such instruments surround the people everywhere: in houses and offices - in the form of stationery items, as well as tools for plating furniture and walls, and therefore, many of their users sometimes have to solve the problem how to fill the stapler. There is no single technique, which would suit the exactly any stapler, there are already a lot of models and varieties of such devices exists, and each has its own features of the fastening of parts to each other, setting the bracket.

The easiest way to fill the standard stationery stapler. To do this, first need to open its cover. You need to slightly press the sides and gently pull this item up. In some cases, special latches should be released or press the button on the housing. To determine the device suitable in your case, inspect it outside. To fill the stapler, open the compartment for the bracket and place the new batch there, pulling the spring restraining the tongue. As a rule, brackets are installed by the ends down. Then return to the location of the stubborn spring.

Approximately the same scheme will be able to fill the stapler in the mini-version or vice versa - a large device. In the first case, act as described in the previous paragraph, with the difference that to install brackets, due to their small sizes, you will need a tweezers or another similar tool. Lucky owners of a rapid stapler. They will never need to fill the stapler of this type, because it does not provide a bracket or carnations. He stitches the strips from it cut off by them.

For those who often perform furniture or repair and construction work, sometimes it becomes necessary to fill the stapler, intended for fastening the casing or other materials to the frame, walls, etc. otherwise, such a device is referred to as Text, and in the structure he only partly reminds his stationery fellow. Before fightering the stapler, make sure that it is disconnected from the outlet and / or blocked. Watch off the shutdown button on the device case, press it and hold it until the compartment for the bracket opens. Turn the tecs insert the brackets and snap into it.


- refuel the stapler should be exclusively suitable in size and type of brackets: usually the latter is indicated on the packaging, for which models of the instruments they fit.

- Perform work on replacing the brackets in the stapler as carefully, because with an inaccurate handling of similar devices you can apply sufficiently serious damage.

- After installing the bracket, do not forget to close the stapler by clicking on its upper part, a special button or other element of the housing.

- Check if the stapler works: if yes, it means that the installation of the bracket has passed successfully. Join Melbet and claim your welcome bonus using the latest Melbet Promo Code . Check below list of Melbet signup bonuses, promotions and product reviews for sportsbook and casino sections.In sports betting and online casino, everything happens as in real life. The user does not win all the time, sometimes luck turns away. It is clear that this situation is very unpleasant and in order to somehow smooth it out and not spoil the mood of the customers the bookmakers often offer various promotions. Basically, they are cashbacks from losses, i.e. a part of the lost money is returned to the player to let him win back.

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