How to write a resume

Most people have to climb the ranks, you put on a superhero cloak and go up at supersonic speed.

This website on how to write a resume summarizes the most important elements for writing just the awesome resume you need.

Starting point: in what format to draw up the curriculum

Let's get straight to the golden rule of making a successful resume.

Don't use simple text editors to create the final version of your resume. MS Word and other similar programs present many potential problems that can get in your way even before you even start.

Among them are:

  • Complex and time-consuming formatting process
  • Header / Footer information is not readable by other systems
  • Bad and boring visual design that doesn't stand out from other resumes.
  • Format that looks different in other programs
  • Lost or damaged files, etc.

Resume formats: defining structure

Now that we're done with the visuals, let's move on to the magic of the text. The most fundamental division of text in a resume is based on the format of the content:

  • Reverse chronology
  • Functional
  • Combined

The reverse chronology format is not only the most common, but also the most widely used among various employers and industries. The biggest advantage of reverse chronology is its simple, straightforward, and linear structure.

The main sections of the core curriculum are usually as follows:

  • Personal and contact details
  • Candidate profile (statement, career goals)
  • Work experience
  • Competencies
  • Training

The optional sections are usually as follows:

  • Achievements and milestones (this is often included in a profile or other section about projects and social initiatives)
  • Awards, certifications and organization memberships
  • Hobbies and interests

However, these are not hard and fast rules. Sometimes some sections change in importance depending on the work itself.

A professional resume profile must be written energetically to grab attention. Use powerful action verbs and descriptive terms. Avoid long sentences and complex grammar. This will highlight achievements and events.

Resume Tips rely on a profile based on professional goals, but we believe a professional profile is a more powerful and versatile tool. can provide assistance in writing a resume, thanks to the professionals, your resume will definitely pay attention.

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